Rooted Missions

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We help women stay rooted to who they are through fashion. To avoid comparison and thoughts of insecurities so they can live the confident life God has called for them! Our mission statement is where our Mission begins. I (Morgan) struggled with being confident in who I was for YEARS. It was a brutal battle. I would take my insecurities out on my loved ones. My insecurities took me out of the game time and time again. It kept me from being friends with certain people that I felt were “better/prettier than me”. It would make me jealous of others' successes. It would keep me so focused on everyone else's success and on my failures. It kept me in a relationship that I knew God was not calling for me. Time and time again I found myself disappointed. Until I finally surrendered it ALL to God. I found so much beauty in myself, joy in the big and small things, and happiness in the everyday moments. I even got a tattoo saying “see the good” to remind myself daily that God is good and there’s always good in every situation. That’s why we are here. I want women to kick out insecurities and live the confident life God has called for them. Rooted Missions is here to serve women that struggle with everyday insecurities. Rooted Missions chooses a woman every month to bless with a rockin’ outfit, a day all about her, getting prettied up, and most importantly poured into with words of life. Here below is all the rooted sister gets:

  • Outfit of choice from Willow + Root
  • Hair fixed for the day
  • Photo session 
  • Basket of goodies (book, t-shirt, photos from photo session)





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